Person standing in front of square mirror with The Onitsuka logo overtop

THE ONITSUKA: Harnessing The Spirit of Japanese Craftsmanship

Tokyo-based fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger partnered with BMD to launch their new, luxury redefining collection. Emphasizing pleasure over exclusivity, this interpretation of luxury engages the senses through the premium and sensorial characteristics of Japanese craftsmanship. 

BMD developed the brand strategy and visual identity as a reflection of the collection’s minimal and timeless qualities. Drawing on the purest essence of THE ONITSUKA, the collection identity is refined and simple, threading pleasure throughout with thoughtful details.

The logo is distinguished by subtle details in the custom lettering, and the simple color palette of black, white and red is at once striking, reductive, and elegant.

Onitsuka posters displayed on concrete wall
Person holding silver onitsuka clutch
Inside tag on collar of jacket
“luxury” has been defined by extravagance and exclusivity. Its true meaning is far more intimate and universal.

Our work with THE ONITSUKA included art direction for the collection’s first campaign photoshoot, website design, advertising and rollout for the Japanese launch.

People walking in THE ONITSUKA clothing
Display of three sneakers on top of a mirror
Black men's dress shoe
Email from The Onitsuka
The Onitsuka hanging garment tag
Glossy red dress shoes
The Onitsuka shoe box

BMD also designed the collection’s first retail store in North America – a flagship in SoHo, New York. Texture and materiality are emphasized through luxurious finishes and custom fixtures, delivering a sensorial experience within a clean aesthetic. The grid wraps around the store to achieve visual order, simplicity and balance while translucent red arches — drawn from the brand’s iconic O — effortlessly guide customers through the space.

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