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Stellar: Launching a cosmetic line made for every skin tone

Before there was Fenty, there was Stellar — a high-performance makeup brand that features a broadly inclusive range of colors for a diversity of skin tones.

BMD was asked to build the brand from the ground up – developing the brand’s positioning, story, name, visual identity, website, packaging, campaign photography and collateral.

Flat lay shot of all the makeup products in the Stellar line

STELLAR was inspired by the view of the night sky, and the idea that no two stars are alike. The grid of dots, rendered in opalescent foils, nods to shimmering constellations. The word mark contains a larger dot, our North Star, the one fixed point in our sky with a placement that also recalls a classic beauty mark. The visual identity is classic and built for longevity.

A line up of the Stellar makeup line in its product packaging
Line of opalescent foil across white and black background to symbolize contrast from day to night
Flat lay of the Stellar foundation product packaging
Close up shot of the open Stellar product packaging
“A striking balance of starkness and exuberance.”
Under Consideration
Close up shot of the Stellar model

BMD produced and art directed the launch campaign photography, ensuring the shoot captured the effortless, confident and bold brand ethos of Stellar. We did the same with product photography, delivering a suite of assets that celebrate the sensuous textures of the product and unique packaging finishes.


BMD were partners from the outset, shepherding the new brand from initial ideation to a successful launch across North American Sephora stores.

Headshot of a woman
Headshot of a woman
Headshot of a woman
Headshot of a woman with gold lips
Open Stellar lipstick bullet
Stellar magazine flat lay
Stellar website homepage
Stellar product webpage
Stellar 'Infinite Lipstick' product webpage
Stellar mascara packaging
“Inner beauty is great, but a little makeup never hurt.”
Monika Deal
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