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Nature Fresh Farms: Joyful Ingenuity

Nature Fresh Farms is a greenhouse grower with farms in Canada, US and Mexico. They came to BMD for a brand strategy and identity that would help them tell their story and stand out in a marketplace that is crowded, noisy and challenging to build brand awareness in.

Man gardening in greenhouse

Core to the ethos at Nature Fresh Farms is their commitment to innovative greenhouse growing as a way to help ensure a sustainable future for all. In order to break through the noise in the category, we knew we needed to align the brand around this simple, resonant story — growing for a kinder future.  

Greenhouse silhouette

The mark redraws the iconic shape of a greenhouse, simultaneously referencing the organic and plump shape of produce. The open door acts as a friendly invitation into the world of sustainable greenhouse growing.

Playing with the simple graphic shape, the system lets loose and has some fun, taking on the character of fruits, veggies, and critters, all team players in the greenhouse process.

Tote with nature fresh farms logo
Bringing a sense of joy to a space that’s often perceived as cold and technical.
Nature Fresh Farms truck advertising
The lush green, cheerful red and warm white core palette defines the brand. The secondary palette complements the natural colours of produce — bright, delicious, inviting — intentionally distinct from the electric palettes prevalent in the category.

The playful brand voice makes the important sustainability message more accessible and engaging. Our aim was to bring forward the processes and benefits of greenhouse growing with simple messages that charm and delight.  

Nature Fresh Farms website on laptop
Magazine Spread

As the primary consumer touchpoint, the packaging called for a flexible yet consistent expression of the identity. Across cardboard packers, bags and containers, the packaging is purposefully brand-forward, leveraging the strong mark and core palette to create presence and distinction on busy shelves. 

Row of Nature Fresh Farm tomatoes
Pepper with PLU Sticker
Cutting board with nature fresh farms logo next to knife
“You don’t need pesticides, you don’t need herbicides. And you’re growing fast, efficiently, using very little water.”
Dr. Lenore Newman, Director of the Food and Agriculture Institute, University of the Fraser Valley, Race Against Climate Change Podcast
Pepper Nature Fresh Farms Logo
Strawberry Nature Fresh Farms Logo
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