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Think you know what a park is? Think again.

Waterloo Greenway: Think you know what a park is? Think again.

Waterloo Greenway (formerly Waller Creek) is a 1.5 mile park system covering 35 acres of connected green space in the heart of Austin, Texas. It is an iconic and flourishing chain of public parks, comprised of walking and biking trails, playscapes, open green spaces, and a healthy creek, enlivened by Austin’s diverse and vibrant community. BMD had the pleasure of working on this initiative, learning about the city and community that have come together, honouring history, restoring nature, and celebrating people.

The new name reflects the project's ties to the history of Austin. Waterloo was the original name for the city of Austin, 1839 and a Greenway by definition is a strip of undeveloped land near an urban area, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection. With a combination of both existing parks and new spaces it was important that the name be a nod to the past, and also forward-looking.

BMD created a brand strategy that aimed to position the Waterloo Greenway as wonderland of nature and culture. The new brand shifts the perspective of how the city views and uses its shared green spaces, communicating infinite possibilities for the Austin community by connecting people to nature, art, culture — and to each other. The new name and brand identity represent both the place itself and the organization, so a series of visual tools were created to be able to communicate to the conservancy and its donors, the public at large and be applied to a series of diverse programming the park offers. The visual identity is charming, friendly and inclusive to both visitors and those who call Austin home. A host to vibrant communities and a vivacious arts and culture scene, the brand's palette is nostalgic, natural and full of life.

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Up until now, our vision was aspirational; it was a concept, a collection of places and ideas, and it lacked a name to unify it. Now, it is tangible — something we can live, feel, and experience together. Our new brand recognizes the evolution from an ambitious idea to a wondrous destination that will be beloved by all Austinites.

Peter Mullan, Waterloo Greenway CEO

Referencing physical structures, natural elements and diverse experiences within the park, a family of illustrations were crafted to be welcoming, open to interpretation, elegantly naive and filled with energy.

Bruce Mau Design

Our goal in creating this new identity was to embody the vibrancy of the local community, the playfulness of the park’s energy, and the diversity of experiences that will be shared here.

Bruce Mau Design