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Giving space to architectural ideas

New Essentialism: Giving space to architectural ideas

Through his book, New Essentialism, professor and practicing architect Gail Peter Borden examines five significant transition points for architectural form and draws from his own research to propose five families of design inquiry that respond to these evolutions in architecture.

Collectively, they assert the need for a New Essentialism in the methodologies and techniques of architectural practice.

In designing this 450-page book, BMD sought to articulate Borden’s vision through the methodical, yet flexible use of a grid system. These grids adapt to the varying requirements of the book, accommodating both text-heavy and image-heavy sections.

The flexible grid system offers different possibilities for the combination of text and image, mirroring Borden’s vision for the possibilities inherent in contemporary architectural practice, and allowing the reader to engage with the wide breadth of Borden’s research.

As a complete work, New Essentialism presents a captivating vision for the future of architecture.

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