Netflix: Evolving visuals for the leader in digital entertainment

As a global leader in digital entertainment, Netflix requires a flexible visual identity system that reflected their rapidly expanding slate of original programming.

BMD partnered with Netflix to evolve their existing visual identity (Stacks) with new tools that could effortlessly complement their vast range of original content, while also maintaining visual consistency of the original approach.

The System


The resulting system expands the range of Netflix-branded cards by adding new elements derived from Netflix’s proprietary typeface and distinctive UI elements.

It creates new sets of content-branded cards by extracting the titles, colors, and textures of a particular show. This allows Netflix to not only modulate their own brand volume, but also the brand volume of their content.


The updated design enriches the cards for both Netflix as a brand as well as for its individual shows, supporting the platform’s central tenet where the content is the brand.

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