INFINITI: Looking Back to Look Ahead

The first commercial for the Japanese luxury automobile INFINITI showed a flock of geese, rather than a car. It was a daring launch for a challenger brand, and an origin story BMD considered rich with possibility. Looking to reconnect with aspects of their Japanese heritage, they asked BMD to align INFINITI with its cultural roots and sensorial experience.

INFINITI Billboard

We focused our initial work on clarifying and strengthening the logo’s signals. A new 3-dimensional emblem on future vehicles meant the 2D logo needed a refresh.

INFINITI Logo Evolution
three-dimensional INFINITI emblem
The new 3-dimensional emblem created by the INFINITI Design team that will adorn production vehicles of the future

The original 1989 logo’s elegant geometry inspired our work, which emphasizes the brand’s signature reference: the road ahead. The refinements are subtle but important. The mark now telegraphs the forward-facing nature of the brand and a sense of possibility.

Road with mountain in the horizon
A fine balance of line and form tells a unique story without words.

A tactile and evocative horizon graphic, in still and in motion, helps extend the story within the logo and adds an experiential feel across communications.

“BMD reconnected us with our DNA and its nature- inspired beauty”
Adrien Brennan-Ducrot, Sr. Manager, Head of Global Digital Customer Experience, INFINITI
INFINITI brochure cover featuring the QX60

Traditional Japanese color, taking its cues from the natural world, set the stage for the palette. A deep blue alongside warm gold evokes a midnight summer sky.

Imagining an elevated collection of INFINITI merchandise

The bespoke INFINITI font provides a distinctive communications typeface while giving the refreshed wordmark a clarity and sense of continuity.

Golden Pen

The brand’s icons borrow their shapes and sharp lines from the distinctive notch of the logo.

INFINITI sweater
Imagining an elevated collection of INFINITI merchandise

BMD created a guide to INFINITI merchandise and in the process invented a few items we would like for ourselves.

INFINITI coffee table book
“BMD’s evolution of the INFINITI visual identity signals a new era for the brand.”
Junpei Soyama, General Manager, Global Brand and Customer Experience, INFINITI
INFINITI Global Retail Architecture
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