Wildposting featuring Brickline Greenway branding

Brickline Greenway: Connecting a Siloed City

Great Rivers Greenway is a public agency dedicated to developing regional greenways around St. Louis. They had an ambitious plan to create a corridor that would run directly through the city, connecting 20 city neighbourhoods, parks, districts, as well as cultural and educational institutions. The corridor is part of a 10-year project to address the city’s persistent challenges with segregated neighbourhoods, equity, and economic and urban renewal.

BMD was asked to articulate a clear brand that could express what this city-wide project means for residents, informing design and communications across the various stages of the project’s life. Research and workshops set the foundation for the brand idea and unearthed many of the hopes, but also differing concerns, of residents that needed to be addressed as the project moved forward. For this project, the notion of bringing people together across a divided city was key.


In order to make the Greenway as welcoming as possible, it needed an inclusive name that would resonate across St. Louis. BMD partnered with Bespoke to deliver a city-wide naming toolkit that engaged residents in their own naming brainstorms and ideation. 
People outside the Museum of Black History in autumn
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Aerial view of people sitting outside at long tables
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A person talking to another person at a table
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Stakeholder engagement event hosted by Bruce Mau Design and Brickline Greenway
Brickline Greenway Logo
The chosen name, Brickline Greenway, is a nod to St. Louis’ history as a city built on the brick industry.
Brickline Greenway banners that read North South East and West, This place takes all of us.
Wildposting featuring Brickline Greenway posters
Brickline Greenway stationary featuring all the locations linked to the greenway

BMD designed a visual identity that would bring this name to life. It needed to be optimistic and joyful without losing a sense of “St. Louis grit.” The logo, built on brick-like blocks spiraling inward signals the idea of coming together, while the components of the logo act as a connective device linking St. Louis’ diverse neighbourhoods, districts and cultures.

“BMD was able to understand the needs of the community and capture the spirit of what we are trying to do.”
Susan Trautman, CEO, Great Rivers Greenway
Folding chair with brickline greenway branding
Rendering of fence featuring brickline greenway linking motif cut-outs
Brickline Greenway logo stencilled on concrete
Orange tote with Brickline Greenway Branding
“They listened deeply and became part of our team.”
Emma Klues, VP of Communications & Outreach at Great Rivers Greenway
Aerial view of St. Louise
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