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Fusing music and mindfulness for lululemon

Beats Per Moment: Fusing music and mindfulness for lululemon

Beats Per Moment is lululemon’s expression of music and mindfulness. It is a truly unique event series that offers fans an up-close, unplugged experience with their favourite artist, through a musical performance and sweat session centered around the artist’s existing practice.

After studying the metered expressions of both music and exercise, we found that the two have never been more connected. We worked closely with lululemon to develop a flexible brand identity and messaging approach, with the ability to turn the intensity and pace up and down depending on the artist and activity. The brand itself draws a connection to the core lululemon brand while maintaining its own unique identity and expression.

Fans interact with the identity fluidly online and offline through social media posts, during registration, in-store, and at the event via stage projections, event swag, and the BPM capsule collection.

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Movement and music are at the core of the brand's DNA, both sharing metered expressions of rhythm, pace and volume. They are what make up the foundation of BPM.

We developed comprehensive brand guidelines with a visual toolkit that can be mixed and remixed for future events with new artists in new cities.