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Designing a wine bar with love

Amo Eno: Designing a wine bar with love

Technology, design, social media and fine wine come together at Amo Eno wine bar & store in the International Finance Center (IFC) Mall, Hong Kong.

In collaboration with PARC Office, BMD worked closely with Amo Eno founders Andrew and Brook Bradbury, to craft the Amo Eno experience. Combining brand, architectural and digital design, BMD developed the visual identity as well as print, packaging, and online/in-store digital media and interactive components. We also collaborated with PARC Office Principal Will Prince, on the interior design.

Translated from Latin, Amo Eno means “Love Wine.” The meaning inspired the visual identity: two wine bottles intersecting to reveal a heart. The mark consists of dots born from the cylindrical bottle form. When animated these dots evoke the vibrancy and energy of a Hong Kong skyline as well as the flux of bottles being added and drawn from a wine rack.

BMD's creative aim was to design a place that allows people to deepen their own love of wine. We feel that the branding, the store design, and the interactive and social media elements - combined with the curated product mix - allow for many different entry points into the world of fine wines. 

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BMD's creative aim was to design a place that allows people to deepen their own love of wine.

Amo Eno is in a league of its own and cannot be compared to anywhere in Hong Kong, or possibly even anywhere in the world.

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