Bruce Mau Design

Jelle Maréchal

Creative Director

Jelle Maréchal

Jelle is a Creative Director at BMD working with clients such as UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Brickline Greenway, Metrolinx, Project for Public Spaces and Loops & Wales.

Prior to joining the studio, Jelle was a senior designer at the boutique design studio Mirror Mirror, where he worked with clients in arts and culture and the public sector. As an independent designer, he has also collaborated with several European agencies, publishers, and institutions, most notably M HKA, the Museum of Contemporary Art in his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. Having started his career in advertising, the contrast between his experience in the commercial and cultural fields shapes his practice to date.

Jelle holds a master’s degree in Graphic Design from St. Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp and a master’s degree in Film Studies and Visual Culture from the University of Antwerp.