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Our 7 warm wishes that echo our hopes for the season, and beyond.

We distilled our hopes for the season and beyond, into 7 warm wishes. Coupling each wish with a donation to an organization that is working to help make them come true, on a local and international scale. .

1. Action

Climate change is one of the most critical issues of our time. At BMD, we believe that we are at a defining moment — and taking steps to remedy, resolve, reinvent is the only way to see tangible change.

As a global research organization, Project Drawdown ( identify, review, and analyze progressive climate solutions — and share these findings with the world, driving action.

2. Brilliance

We believe glimmers of potential have the power to transform a person, a project, an entire industry, for the better.

With a donation to Sketch Working Arts (, we wish our communities a season of brilliance. The organization celebrates young people as culture makers, perception changers and collaborators in building creative communities.

3. Grace

Demonstrating compassion and generosity is a special and significant aspect of life here at BMD — and beyond. Because, we believe that offering a hand, a smile, a home to someone in need, enriches the lives of everyone.

Covenant House ( works to meet the needs of people affected by homelessness and trafficking, with love, respect and engagement every day. Extending grace to communities that need it most this season.

4. Bellylaughs

Our studio is lively with laughter, because we believe having fun at work is a vital ingredient in building a happy studio and delighted clients. While we take what we do seriously — we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

In this spirit, we wish our friends a season of bellylaughs — with a donation to Hilarity For Charity ( They work to raise awareness, inspire change and accelerate progress in Alzheimer’s care, research and support, using the power of comedy as a congregator.

5. Health

We believe our mental health needs just as much attention as our physical health, and that taking care of both is key to feeling festive and full of life during this season.

Wishing our communities health in both body and mind — with a donation to World Federation for Mental Health ( They are an international organization that works to help prevent mental and emotional disorders and ensure people can access the care they need.

6. Voice

There’s a wild array of voices at BMD. Our diverse experiences, skills, and perspectives help make every day and every project feel full of possibility. Everyone is inspired to express their true selves and signature styles.

With a donation to StoryCorps (, we wish our communities a platform to find their voice this season. StoryCorps share real stories of love, loss, family, and friendship, in the hope that these stories will help humanity feel more connected and represented.

7. Belonging

We believe a workplace should feel like a second home; a space that both challenges us and nurtures us in equal measures. We feel thankful to have such a vibrant community of colleagues, clients, partners, and furry friends who are all part of our family.

We finish our 7 warm wishes, by wishing our extended BMD family a sense of belonging — with a donation to an organization that helped us find one of our current members. Save Our Scruff ( rescues and rehomes dogs, whilst equipping owners with the tools they need to create a happy home.