BMD Cribs: Miranda Mora

04.17.2024 – People

Miranda Mora, BMD Designer, invites us into her home in the sky, with sunkissed plants, BMD souvenirs and an overflowing bookstore under her bed.

When you live in a tiny apartment in Downtown Toronto, you have no choice but to make the most of every available corner. I aimed to create a workspace that contributed to the room’s openness by blending a white ladder desk into the wall.

I love having a big window that allows natural light all day.

On the best days, I use the upper shelf to display art (here featuring some of our Senior Designer, Karol’s, handmade coasters) and a beautiful pothos to hang from it. On some more chaotic days, I have books, drawing tools, and sketch notebooks crowding the space.

"I don’t have much book space, so my bed is currently acting as a bookstore."
I am a fiction reader, but I’ve added some art and Design books in the last few months. Currently, I have books on each side of my bed and in all honestly, I’m starting to run out of space.
I have to have some sort of drawing and sketchbook lying around. I draw as I sit in meetings because that is how I absorb information the most. I draw every day, and it helps me clear my mind and prep it for brainstorming.

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