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Building on the success of the Rotman DesignWorks initiative, Heather Fraiser founded Vuka Innovation. The consulting firm specializes in awakening the innovative potential that already exists within organizations. To stand out in a competitive market, Vuka needed an identity that was true to their bold and unique mission.

Heather came to Bruce Mau Design with a name and an idea for her firm. Working with the Vuka team, we helped articulate their vision and mission. This work led us to an idea that is at the core of the visual identity system—depicting the very moment in which great ideas are realized. We transformed standard office supplies such as post-it notes, tape and sharpies into a graphic language that communicates the excitement of discovering new ideas. The dynamic identity is anchored by a clear wordmark, a limited colour palette and contemporary typography.

The result is an identity that distinguishes Vuka from the competitive landscape and represents a new approach to innovation consulting.

Visit www.vukainnovation.com