Too Perfect: Seven New Denmarks

In 2013, the Danish Architecture Centre engaged Bruce Mau Design to work with a team of young Danish architects and designers including PLOT, Arkitema, Kontrapunkt, NORD and SRL Arkitekter. BMD was commissioned to create a visual identity with the goal of rebranding Denmark. To change Danish design would be to change the country's image, both within and outside of its borders. What if we imagined Denmark as the world's biggest business? What should that enterprise offer the world? The result was a multimedia exhibition titled Too Perfect: Seven New Denmarks, which envisioned seven pragmatic utopias. These utopias, resting on a triple bottom line of economic, social, and ecological sustainability, took architecture beyond the realm of buildings and into other areas of life that we have the capacity to design. The exhibition was presented simultaneously at the Danish Architecture Centre in Copenhagen, the 9th International Architecture Biennale in Venice, and Harbourfront Centre in Toronto as part of the festival SUPERDANISH.