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Tiger Woods Foundation

The Tiger Woods Foundation has advocated for youth education since its inception 20 years ago. The effectiveness of its programs has led to seven Learning Centers, engagement with hundreds of public schools, and a consistent rate of college graduation for its annual scholarship recipients. The foundation worked with Bruce Mau Design to clarify the impact of its educational programs with a comprehensive campaign marking its twentieth anniversary. To distinguish the foundation’s accomplishments, our team developed a core campaign idea reflecting the foundation’s transformative powers.

Inspired by the scholars that are empowered to overcome the barriers that stand between them and their education, the “Unexpected Champions” campaign communicated the stories of the foundation’s greatest accomplishment: its people­. These narratives highlight both the academic achievers, as well as the advocates who selflessly champion them.

BMD also designed the visual identity and graphic system for the Unexpected Champions campaign, creating an intimate expression to celebrate the anniversary and the people it represents, while still respecting the Tiger Woods masterbrand.