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The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel (TWC) is not only a television station, but a parent brand to a wide array of broadcast properties, data technologies and digital weather services. TWC is also one of the largest and most dynamic weather authorities in the world. However, many Americans still think of it as a minor cable channel specializing in local forecasts.

Bruce Mau Design was asked to develop a brand architecture and naming system that would unify an otherwise disparate family of sub-brands under The Weather Channel name. Furthermore, BMD developed a complimentary visual identity system that helped infuse TWC's communication with a sense of humanity and emotion. The end result was a rich program of visual elements and conceptual frameworks that included a new family of icons, reimagined photography and unique animation styles.

This new visual direction combined with a more transparent brand architecture is helping to change the perception of The Weather Channel from a limited and utilitarian brand to something much more expansive and inspiring—a brand that helps people live better.