The Secret to Making a Difference

MDC Partners is a business transformation organization that holds a number of innovative and creative agencies, all world-class leaders in communcations, design, advertising, marketing, digital media and public relations. As one of these agencies, Bruce Mau Design was honoured when Miles Nadal, Chairman & CEO of MDC, asked us to produce a book of quotations celebrating the company's 30th anniversary. 

BMD had previously collaborated with MDC Partners on "The Secret to Success," which commemorated the company’s 25th anniversary. The mission for the 25th annversary project was to produce a book of quotations celebrating the human capacity to make a difference. For the 30th anniversary, BMD created a second book titled "The Secret to Making a Difference," which was organized around eleven overarching themes pertinent to instituting change. These themes included attitude, vision, persistence, audacity and love.

The end result was a conceptually ambitious, technically complex and emotionally captivating project. We developed a distinct design approach which involved 3D effects, invisible ink, an embedded flipbook and removable objects (bumper stickers, tattoos, stencils, etc). In this increasingly digital age, pushing the boundaries of the printed book refreshes and rewards intellectual thought.