The Pilot School

The Pilot School has set out to reshape the face of American education. Pilot began in 1957 as an experiment in education on the basis that every child learns differently. The core belief, then and now, is to tailor a child’s education based on her individual needs. Pilot thrives as one of the leading elementary institutions in Delaware, and with the growth of its school, so too have its ambitions grown. 

Inspired by our work on The Third Teacher, Pilot School approached Bruce Mau Design to create a short book based on the school's core principles. Thorough research into the school—its practice, ideas and supporting work in the educational field—led us to the heart of what it does. The Pilot School strives to challenge the myth of normal. BMD conducted interviews and workshops with students, teachers, parents, friends and board members to help facilitate the direction of the writing. We shaped the book around the idea that every child learns differently, and designed its content in many forms including illustrations, quotations and statistics, all of which echo the multiple approaches to learning championed at the school.

Following the writing and design, BMD led the book through production. Keeping in line with the forward-thinking nature of The Pilot School, BMD created an interactive iBook to empower the school to share its message across the US and the world.