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Studio Gang

Studio Gang Architects, a Chicago-based architecture and urban design studio, commissioned Bruce Mau Design to resdesign the firm's website. Owning a truly eclectic portfolio, Studio Gang approaches every new project as an opportunity to create something meaningful and unique. Our mission was to emphasize the diversity of Studio Gang's work and clarify how their audience understands it. As a result, we designed the site around the image of a diverse skyline of content that is constantly evolving.  

Continual refreshment happens through automatic links to social media & news. As you browse through the site, the skyline filters based on the type of content selected. Once you select a specific piece of content; be it a new project, news article, or even the latest Tweet, you are then taken to a deeper level below the skyline where all the more detailed content resides.

In order to bring this content to life we partnered with Media Platforms, who took on the development end of the project. This partnership enabled us to design the site in a way that created an exceptional user experience without having to rely on Flash. Furthermore, the site is fully functional (and really fun) on tablets and mobile devices. Our collaboration also allowed us to design custom navigation tools, such as keyboard browsing, which allows users to browse the entire site using just arrow keys.

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