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Skullcandy, the original lifestyle audio brand, reflects the collision of the music, fashion, action sports and technology. As the company expanded exponentially to more than 70 countries around the world, Skullcandy needed to articulate and share a clear brand story to ensure that the company maintained its authenticity and quality.

Bruce Mau Design worked with company leaders to build on Skullcandy's storied history and create a framework for strategic growth. Our collaboration strove to identify and define the essential components that make up the brand. Our work provided meaningful insights around the company's history, culture, authenticity and quality to the team responsible for driving Skullcandy forward in the future.

We communicated these insights back to the Skullcandy team through a series of brand guidelines. These guidelines were then developed into a brand manual shared with employees, allowing Skullcandy to align employees with the revitalized vision, culture and essence of the company. Skullcandy ensured that as they added new employees, expanded around the world and entered new markets, the company would still share a unified understanding of the Skullcandy brand.  

"There are a lot of good designers out there, but BMD’s strategy & process sets you apart. Working with you can be best described as a meaningful process. You are an outside party that can pull insights about the brand that a brand can’t. You have a good ability to find things that are unique and meaningful." 

Nate Morley – former VP Global Marketing & Creative, Skullcandy