Regent Park School of Music

The Regent Park School of Music (RPSM) provides a high quality, affordable music education to youth in Regent Park and in other areas of Toronto. For many years, the students in the school had been forced to practice in church basements.

In September 2012, as part of a redevelopment strategy, a new community centre dedicated to arts and culture opened its doors in Regent Park. The Daniels Spectrum, formerly the Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre, aims to bring dance, theatre, visual arts and music groups together under one roof.

Within a new dedicated space, RPSM wanted to signal a new era for the school; not just in the new building, but in the community at large. Bruce Mau Design worked with RPSM faculty, staff and volunteers to develop an invigorated brand positioning, tone of voice, a new visual identity and corresponding website.

The design along the school’s main corridor communicates RPSM’s new mandate: Seriously Fun. This vibrant wall art, based on musical symbols, is a core expression of the new visual identity. BMD continues to partner with the school to integrate this identity throughout all media, including the rest of the building, the new logo and all communications material.

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