Pulitzer Arts

Pulitzer Arts (formerly The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts) is a progressive foundation located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Established by Emily Pulitzer, Pulitzer Arts engaged Bruce Mau Desgin to recreate the foundation's visual identity and website in an effort to increase its public profile and understanding. BMD’s research revealed a set of dualities essential to the Pulitzer brand that would later provide a framework for the design.

BMD proposed a shorter name that helped emphasize the Pulitzer name and art in all its various forms. The new Pulitzer Arts word mark expresses the dualities built from distinct yet balanced typefaces and provides a structural "spine" or axis for layouts.

The website uses this spine to connect seemingly distinct programs, exhibitions, and ideas. The result is an engaging visual identity that reflects a sophisticated and dynamic organization, and a website that enables visitors to navigate and explore the diverse content that makes up the mandate of Pulitzer Arts.

Visit www.pulitzerarts.org