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Pennovation Works

The Pennovation Works is a unique blend of offices, labs, and production space being developed by The University of Pennsylvania to bridge the intellectual and entrepreneurial initiatives for advancing knowledge and generating economic development. The site will be anchored by the Pennovation Center, a business incubator and laboratory that will align and integrate researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs for the commercialization of research discoveries.

The identity is divided into three brands: Pennovation Center, Pennovation Works, and Pennovation. Each brand has a specific purpose, but they all blend within the same graphic system, allowing for clear brand equity to and from the master brand.

The logo is accompanied by a set of patterns resembling abstract vertical shapes alluding to coding characters, alluding to the start-up and technology-focused projects. The identity uses a refreshed color palette based on the existing visual identity of the University. The blue and red colors are vibrant and bold, while the gray color instills harmony within the palette.

BMD applied the new visual identity to a responsive content-rich website, a customisable marketing kit for potential tenants, as well as a comprehensive and flexible environmental graphics, signage and wayfinding system for the site and the building.

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