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OCAD University

In 2011, OCAD University, Canada's preeminent art and design school, sought a new visual identity that would reflect the 135-year-old institution's desire to move quickly into the future. The Bruce Mau Design team worked collaboratively with OCAD U staff in an intensive research phase, and gathered additional input from OCAD U students and alumni. We felt that the visual identity needed to be a true reflection of OCAD as an inclusive, vibrant and vital institution built on creativity, risk and innovation.

The result of our efforts was a dynamic and modular identity, which we introduced in a brief 2-minute video. Each year, the school invites a select group of graduating students to design a logo within the basic window framework, meaning that the emblem changes annually. As OCAD U grows and matures, a library of identities will emerge, with records of ideas and aesthetics gathered over time.  The identity was named among the "Best Brands of 2011" by Fast Company, and was the recipient of a Core77 Design Award.

In 2014, BMD collaborated again with OCAD to redesign their website. Like the visual identity, the limited pallet of black and white for typography and user interface elements creates an environment for imagery to stand out. The design takes into consideration the large, diverse and creative group of site contributors while also utilizing contemporary web standards and exceeding accessibility requirements.

Artwork by: Adrian Forrow, Winnie Truong

Visit www.ocadu.ca