New Aging

New Aging, the new book from Matthias Hollwich designed by Bruce Mau Design, is an eye-opening guide to the growing senior population, why it’s so important and how to design for it. Offering easy implementable steps that have a positive effect on our long-term future, driving the key message, “Live smarter now to live better forever.” New Aging explores topics of aging carefully researched by Hollwich through his position as visiting Professor at University of Pennsylvania and his architectural practice, Hollwich Kushner Architecture (HWKN).

New Aging is organized around nine categories, a step-by-step guide to making small, playful changes that will positively affect our long-term well-being. Each chapter is defined by a vibrant colour and matching illustrations. The main idea, or “action plan” of each page is communicated front and centre, in colourful bold text, making the book and it’s ideas both achievable and fun for readers. Further information and actionable instructions are paired with each high level idea, above and below respectively. To change the pace, certain ideas are designed as full spreads with illustrated checklists. The visuals play a large role in the book, to energetically communicate the gift of aging, so often represented as a serious topic.

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