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Massive Change

Whether we realize it or not, we live in a designed world. The question is: will this be a design for destruction or for a sustainable new world that we can safely hand down to our children and our children’s children?

Our idea of design goes beyond the way things look to the way things work. To paraphrase Marcel Duchamp, we set out to liberate design from “the tyranny of the eye.” Surveying the world we found hundreds of examples where visionaries were using design to effect positive change in the world. We called this pattern "Massive Change."

We collected these stories into a best-selling book, a radio program and a touring museum exhibition that shattered attendance records in Chicago, Toronto and Vancouver. The relationships we developed with the world’s leading innovators form a community of purpose and expertise we regularly tap into as we pursue the paradigm-shifting principles of Massive Change in all we do.

It’s not about the world of design, but the design of the world.