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Martin Prosperity Institute

Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI) is a research institute & think tank at the Rotman School of Business at University of Toronto. Led by Roger Martin, MPI is home to influential thinkers such as Richard Florida, Don Tapscott, and Jonathan Haidt, leading conversations about cities, infrastructure, networks and economy. BMD was asked to articulate and reposition MPI, given their new mandate of “democratic capitalism”, the notion that prosperity for all requires the participation of all.

In addition to the conceptual nature of their research, the new positioning needed to recognize and define MPI as an institute within an institute – with their relationship to Rotman woven into the identity, without one outshining the other. They also needed a functional and relevant website to house not only information about MPI, but also the extensive and complex libraries of writing, research and thought leadership from the institute’s leaders.

An in-depth research phase allowed MPI to position themselves in both the academic and thought-leadership space as bold without being aggressive, provocative but straightforward and unfettered by political or economic bias. This neutral platform allows the institute to be critical & constructive about the future and appeal to a wide audience to engage. A flexible identity, paired in different combinations with images & text, but always with the Rotman identity, can be used across the many applications and outputs of the Institute.