Lycée Français de Chicago

The Lycée Français de Chicago (LFC), a K-12 French language school in Chicago, faced a moment of profound change as they looked to create an entirely new learning environment by constructing a new campus. Wanting to think big and plan for the long term, the LFC engaged Bruce Mau Design to create a unifying vision for the school and, in collaboration with the the campus architects, to translate the vision into a set of design principles that would guide the process.

To be truly resonant and deeply accepted, the vision needed to come from within the school community itself. BMD’s goal was to discover the voice of the Lycée and to give that voice enough clarity and volume to be properly heard.

BMD engaged in an extensive phase of immersion into the life of the school, including site visits and school-day mirroring, as well as interviews with parents, board members, teachers and students.  Thereafter followed the design and delivery of a series of interactive workshops with key groups of the LFC community. We introduced the board of directors, parents, students and staff to the emergent ideas of the future of the school, and invited them to help shape the direction the school would take.

BMD synthesized this extensive collection of input into a core vision, a look at the vision as it applies to key elements of the school experience, and a design brief that considered the spatial implications of this new direction.