Los Angeles 2024 Olympic Bid

In 2015, Los Angeles was chosen by the United States Olympic Committee as the official bid city for the 2024 Summer Games.

Backed by unprecedented levels of public support, the LA 2024 Bid Committee worked to create a Games Concept that, fueled by Los Angeles’ unparalleled culture of creativity and youthful energy, would reinvigorate the Olympic brand around the world for a new generation.

LA 2024 tasked BMD and partner agencies with visually capturing the city's spirit and optimism under their strategic slogan, “Follow the Sun”.  

Working with an existing logo, BMD built out a comprehensive graphics package inspired by the logo and the rays of the sun and the colors seen in the city sky at dawn and sunset. The system is flexible to work with ease across a variety of mediums, infusing the city's perennial optimism and energy into everything from Candidature Files to social media platforms.

Bolstered by this optimistic visual identity, LA 2024 will further their campaign to bring the Olympic Games back to an exciting, vibrant, multicultural city so deserving of a summer games.