iMentor builds mentoring relationships that have empowered students from low-income communities to graduate high school and achieve their ambitions. Through an online platform and in-person events, students work with their mentor one-on-one to develop strong personal relationships, nurture a college aspiration, and navigate the college application process. Since 1999, iMentor has connected over 13,000 students to personal mentors.

iMentor asked BMD to help reimagine how they engage their mentees and mentors on their online platform. BMD was tasked at designing the User Interface and User Experience and a new visual look and feel for their platform. BMD began by documenting current user journeys and tasks by involving mentees, mentors and staff in interviews and workshops.

Following the research phase and extensive task-mapping, a new UI/UX was created for specific components of the iMentor online platform including: A new dashboard with metrics visualization and notifications/alerts, each dashboard is tailored to the user type—either mentees, mentors or staff. iMentor Canvas, a new curriculum and communication tool that will replace a traditional e-mail function. The new iMentor Canvas rethinks how the curriculum is delivered in order to increase comprehension, engagement and eliminate fatigue. The Canvas supports media, such as pictures, videos and audio, as well as a new chat function in order to allow a range of expression for mentors and mentees. Intake application, the recruitment form for new mentees and mentors. College Checklist, a new progress tool to help mentee track the progress of their college application and financial aid.

iMentor continues to develop their platform based on BMD’s designs.