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Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience is a venture-backed medtech company based in San Francisco. The Halo product is a novel, simple, and powerful neuroscience-based technology for enhancing brain performance for the healthy and impaired. 

Through Neuropriming technology, the brain is stimulated to send strong signals to muscles and increase neuroplasticity, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts and athletes. It's an advancement that pushes personal performance, with a unique product design that enhances individual style. Halo hired Bruce Mau Design to design a comprehensive brand identity as well as help them bring their product to the world through a brand launch website.
The iconic Halo 'o' was designed to represent the connection between people and technology - bringing the two together. In addition, the 'o' alone becomes a stand-alone and memorable badge for the brand. Wave forms inspire an illustration style that brings neuroactivity to life in a way that feels more like art than science. 

This vibrant, modern, appoachable look was designed to differentiate the Halo brand within a growing and competitive industry as well as capture the diversity of use cases - from daily use, to elderly, to high performance sports. 

BMD and Halo continue to develop materials that inspire users to unlock their potential