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In 2004, a group of Guatemalan leaders of the Fundación Proyecto de Vida asked Bruce Mau Design to assist in producing a vision for the future of Guatemala. This vision would be powerful enough to galvanize action and create a positive movement for the country going forward. The aim was to create a multifaceted vision that could embrace many initiatives, incorporate many partners and resonate internationally.

¡GuateAmala! connects the new possibilities and potentials developing in the world to the ambition of Guatemala and the challenges that the country faces.  The result of this connection is a vigorous and self-sustaining movement that combats the status quo.  

The primary goal of the vision was to generate a strong collective interest among the country’s population, as it is they who will ultimately realize the vision; and to make this movement part of a global initiative that connects Guatemala to an international network of like interests.

BMD also worked with the Fundacion Proyecto de Vida to develop a series of events that continue the discourse and action in different regions of Guatemala, introduce projects to the world and link Guatemala to international expertise while highlighting the growing network within the country. This multi-year communications project continues to develop strategies to galvanize action and mobilize a nation.