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Grand Junction Plaza

Grand Junction Plaza is the new heart of down town Westfield, Indiana—a 10.5-acre park that forms a civic hub bringing together various elements of an active community. The landscape architects, Land Collective, engaged BMD to envision a new brand for the park with a visual identity and signage and wayfinding system.

The brand and visual identity system echo the shape and multiple layers of activity of the park. A colorful icon system was developed to showcase the dynamic, yearround set of community programming, granting each event its own unique subbrand to connect it with the greater park identity.

The signage and wayfinding system holds its own set of icons to identify each facility, with each sign type wrapping and twisting itself to the architecture or direction it is referencing. Made from Corten steel, the material is a nod to the industrial past of the city, while the signs hold a unique patina that evolves throughout the park’s lifetime.