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Fogo Island Inn

Located on Fogo Island, Newfoundland, the Fogo Island Inn is a luxury destination with 29 rooms for guests. The Shorefast Foundation, owner of the inn, is a Canadian charitable organization committed to fostering cultural and economic resilience for the traditional Newfoundland fishing community that inhabits the island.  

Through investment in art, culture, architecture and the talent of the locales, Fogo Island is working towards repositioning itself as a unique world-class destination for travelers.  Bruce Mau Design collaborated with the Shorefast Foundation to help them develop a new Shorefast brand platform, name, visual identity and website, all of which would help strategize this ambitious repositioning. 

A crucial part of this strategy involves establishing a luxury rural inn that celebrates local heritage and traditions, like those of the fishing community, but offers a unique and contemporary twist. The Fogo Island Inn, a state-of-the-art minimalist inn designed by renowned architect Todd Saunders, reflects the best of contemporary art practice as well as the special history of island. All proceeds from the inn are invested back into the community.

In addition to rebranding the Shorefast Foundation, BMD worked with Shorefast on naming the inn and establishing its identity. The driving principle for the design of the Fogo Island Inn was a balance between the old and the new; contemporary architecture juxtaposed by traditional sensibilities and the spirit of a Newfoundland home.