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Design Society

Founded in Shenzhen by China Merchants in association with the Victoria & Albert Museum, Design Society is a new cultural platform that generates a diverse public programme with the mission to activate design as a social catalyst. It shows and tells the power of design through major exhibitions about the past, present and future of design, through curated shopping experiences and multi-faceted events.

BMD was approached by the museum to help with the naming and branding of this new model cultural institution.  After a pop-up studio held with the museum’s staff and key stakeholders, the team arrived at a name that reflects both the function of the museum as well as its mission: Design Society. The comprehensive brand and visual identity are inspired by China’s rich history and design sensibility.  The Hanzi grid provided a starting point for the design of the dynamic logo, and also acts as a flexible grid and framework for communicating the diverse programming and content that Design Society has to offer.  As part of the project, BMD’s work includes the visual identity system, environmental branding, digital display, online communications, signage and wayfinding.  By branding the mission of the institution, Design Society sets a path to be an institution of the highest calibre and catalyst for the transformation of the region and the country.