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DC Shoes

Since its inception in 1994, DC Shoes has developed into an iconic skate shoe company, and has expanded into categories such as surfing, moto and rally car racing.

With organic growth and a fast-paced culture, DC Shoes needed a touchstone for the brand’s strategy that would set the guardrails for future decision-making. Bruce Mau Design was invited to articulate the brand across the business and write and design a book that expressed this brand in a compelling way.

Collaborating with strategic and creative leadership at DC Shoes, we researched and workshopped questions around the brand's core values and vision for the future. We interviewed the company founders and worked with leaders of each category to understand how these categories reflected and expanded on skateboard culture.

The result was the DC Manual—broad as well as deep. The richly visual book brings together key concepts such as brand values, design criteria, a business model, and core audience needs to form a blueprint for the future of DC Shoes.

Crucial to the success of the book is that it be an emotionally engaging text that reflects the spirit of the brand. Equally important is that employees connect to the ideas in the book, and understand how to incorporate these ideas into their daily lives. The client was thrilled with the result, anticipating a transformative impact on DC Shoes culture.