For over a century, Coca-Cola has helped define American culture. Bruce Mau Design helped them to transform 21st Century culture through a global sustainability program: Live Positively.

Live Positively represents Coca-Cola's commitment to making a difference in the world through an environmentally conscious policy that emphasizes the importance of sustainability in everything they do.  

Working with Coke’s top executives, we pulled together efforts scattered across many divisions into a cohesive strategic vision and a framework to guide future development, articulating broad sustainability goals across all categories of Coke's business and culture.

Then we took on the task of communicating that message to Coca-Cola’s 700,000 employees and to the world. We created tools for employee engagement, and designed an entire visual identity system across all media.  Our efforts were the first major new element added to the Coke brand since Elizabeth Arden designed the dynamic ribbon.