CAPCO is an international consultancy for the financial sector, who provide out-of-the-box solutions for their clients at every point in the supply chain, addressing unique needs with unique tools.  In 2014, they approached BMD to redesign their branding position and visual identity.  While in a serious and traditionally conservative industry, CAPCO was advancing its position as digital leaders and creative entrepreneurs.

BMD started with a new brand position, establishing the brand with authenticity and consistency. We clarified a complex brand architecture to more clearly communicate the range of CAPCO services to clients and we created a graphic identity to visualize this new positioning, propelling the established brand with a more dynamic system. 

The new system is built on the idea of “structured flexibility”, a key tenet of the company.  The wordmark is bold and stable, while the dynamic “C” can easily frame different messages through text or imagery.  BMD designed a set of infographics to communicate complicated data more clearly. Within the system, there is a clear information hierarchy to make financial material immediately accessible. These tools were rolled out across all CAPCO materials, including full website design, creating a cohesive and understandable system to communicate the brand both internally and externally.