The Sonos Experience (La Défense, Paris)

The Sonos Experience
La Défense, Paris
November 11-16, 2014
The Sonos Experience in La Défense was a massive pop-up presence supporting the “Sonos Your Home" campaign. The experience was two-fold; first, the overall design of the dome is one of the first expressions with the recently launched Sonos visual identity. Second, it was an opportunity for visitors to build familiarity with and awareness of the Sonos technology and brand. 
The pop-up itself was an interactive and vibrant visual piece in the center of Paris' financial district. Inside a 30’ high transparent dome were four individual experience pods live with speakers and ambassadors bringing the Sonos story to life. Visitors were able to experience the Sonos Wireless HiFi System, their All in One speakers, 5.1 Home Theater and how to stream all the music on earth. 


Video courtesy of Sonos, Inc.