Sonos unveils video installation in Hamburg

Reeperbahn, an area of Hamburg, Germany is now home to a new event space – Klubhaus St. Pauli. Known as Hamburg’s red light district, the area is a quickly changing entertainment district – a revitalization has begun with a huge holiday market and the established music festival, Reeperbahn Festival. Klubhaus St. Pauli is a place for music, entertainment, nightlife and is also a workspace.

Klubhaus opened in early October and celebrated its launch with an intricate, interactive screen installation. Sonos is one of the first global brands to have a presence on the media facade, increasing awareness for the music experience brand around the world while lighting the area with vibrant and amplified graphics.

Associate Creative Director, Alec Donovan, oversaw the installation in Hamburg and explains, “The screen is very unique - we wanted to make something that was not only bespoke for this context, but also something that would bring Sonos to a fairly new audience in a really celebratory and energetic way.”