New Aging Book: Coming Soon

New Aging, the new book by Matthias Hollwich, editor Jennifer Krichels and design by Bruce Mau Design focuses on the growing senior population, why it's so important and how to design for it.  

In Azure Magazine (full article here

By 2050, the global population over the age of 60 will top two billion, and for the first time in history, outnumber the generation under the age of 15. The statistics are spurring on leading think tanks, architects and technology brands to improve life for seniors. Growing old, in other words, is going to get a whole lot better.

For decades, Matthias Hollwich has been interested in what design can do for an aging population, but when he visited nursing homes in California he was gripped by the need for action. “They were horrific,” recalls the co-founder of New York architecture firm HWKN. “There were places with five residents in one room, separated only by curtains. The hallways smelled, and there was no light. I was startled by the lack of dignity...”