Hunter Tura weighs in on the new Google logo

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Hunter Tura of BMD and other international design thinkers from Moving Brands, Someone, Lambie-Nairn, Saffron and Interbrand Mexico share their thoughts on the new Google logo, unveiled yesterday, with Brandemia. 

Hunter Tura: 

“Google’s new identity reminds me a lot of the re-design that Yahoo went through in 2013.  Gone are the days of the playful, youthful exuberance that characterize an insurgent start-up intent on displacing the old paradigms.  Instead, we have an utterly cool, calm & predictable corporate entity which should re-assure investors about the stability and leadership during these unpredictable days of the Grexit and the devaluation of the Yuan.  

Following Yahoo down the path of corporate righteousness, Google’s once semi-lovable amateur design sensibility & devil-may-care aesthetic sprawl has been replaced by a hyper-rational brand architecture worthy of the most reliable global accounting practices. There are still some nods to “fun” with the bouncy balls & typographic twists, but overall it lacks the recognizable humanity we’ve come to know since the late 90s.  In the end, it’s not just bland design, it’s a much larger brand problem:  for a platform that invades almost every aspect of our personal lives in the most dizzying ways - to appear less-than-human, or worse, faceless, potentially speaks to a larger pivot we all should inspect more closely.”