Heart of Hearts takes over Times Square

BMD is excited to collaborate with Collective-LOK, on the poster design of their installation "Heart of Hearts" for this year's TImes Square Arts Valentine Heart Design curated by the Center for Architecture

Over the last eight years, the Times Square Alliance has invited architecture and design firms to submit proposals for a romantic public art installation celebrating Valentine’s Day in Times Square. C-LOK's winning design will be unveiled on February 9, and remain on view through March 6 at Father Duffy Square, between 46th and 47th Streets.

CLOK’s Heart of Hearts, a faceted ring of twelve golden, mirrored hearts, will create an alternative pavilion that reflects and multiplies the pulsating activity of Times Square, creating a kaleidoscopic interior that dissolves the boundaries between viewing and performing. Within the ring, diamond-shaped spaces inside each heart will create six “kissing booths” where couples will find their activities mirrored, allowing both privacy and publicity in the Heart of Hearts. This room within the room of Times Square is the most site-specific Heart installation to date and will be the first time a Valentine Heart will reach 10 feet.

BMD worked with C-LOK to realize a poster that reflected the continuity of the faceted ring, pulling the audience from one element into the next. The first poster communicated the installation's theme and background, while the secon poster needed to instruct the audience in the ring's different formations.