Girls Learning Code Workshop at BMD

In late August, BMD hosted a special workshop with Girls Learning Code in our Toronto studio. Girls Learning Code is a summer camp and workshop organization for girls age 6-16, as part of Learning Labs in Toronto. 
The goal of our workshop was to provide the girls with an introduction to BMD, our projects and design process and then give them an opportunity to do their own problem-solving designs. We began with a tour of our studio, introduced them to our four teams and the different expertise of those teams. We also showed examples of BMD’s design process, calling out unique systems of collaboration such as pinning work up on white boards. 
After a brief presentation that showed some of our favourite work, the group was challenged to design a new logo for Crayola in order to address a mock business/design challenge.  The result was a collection of vibrant designs that demonstrated the girls’  collaboration, thoughtfulness and creativity!