DSK students rebrand the city of Kolding, Denmark

The students of Designskolen Kolding have designed a new visual identity for their city.

Our Kolding sets outs to "rethink the way Kolding presents itself as a city, by extending the city to all of its offerings and encouraging citizens to take part." Designed in less than 3 days as part of a condensed design challenge for the Brand x (Place) Conference on May 29th, the students conducted research into what made Kolding truly a unique and innovative city to live and study in. The concept, designed to be flexible and representative of any and all things Kolding, is an effort to make the city meaningful to everyone in their own ways. It also reflects the vibrant, design-driven, innovative culture of the city, which is home to multiple universities, design programs, and a thriving art subculture.

Find #OurKolding everywhere.