BMD brands the mission of organizations shaping the future of their respective industries worldwide.

Our mission is the mission. We identify the fundamental purpose behind an organization to create a generative and sustainable brand narrative. This unique point of view allows us to create distinctive and unifying platforms that bring strategic clarity to brand positioning and messaging, visual identity systems, physical environments, and consumer packaging. Our passion is to bring compelling ideas to life, invigorate brands, and help businesses grow.

Our research methods, deep cultural immersion, and on-site collaborative pop-up studios ensure a profound understanding of the challenges and context behind each project, which enables us to deliver on our clients' strategic business goals.

We work with large international corporations, visionary start-ups, innovative retailers, expansive cultural organizations, ambitious architects, city builders, and governments. Our international staff is a diverse group of industry-recognized graphic designers, architects, strategists, UX experts, copywriters, and account leads who think beyond the silos of traditional disciplines.

We are unrelenting in our commitment to leading-edge design. Our creative work is recognized for its depth of thought, clarity of purpose, and boldness of vision. Our many awards include a Cannes Lion, a D&AD Pencil, two Fast Company “Best Branding” awards, and three Core77 Design Awards. Our thought leadership has been showcased at SXSW, the World Knowledge Forum, and at conferences and universities worldwide. 

BMD is part of Yes and Company, a global agency network of collaborative specialists designed to serve modern brand marketers.


Hunter Tura

President & CEO


Sharmila Selvarajah

Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey Ludlow

Chief Creative Officer


Diane Mahony

Managing Director


Tom Keogh

Managing Director

Anuja Jumani

Director, Finance and Operations


Luis Coderque

Creative Director

Rosanna Vitiello

Consulting Creative Director


Kar Yan Cheung

Director, Design Strategy


Patricia Marcucci

Account Director

Marla Garderis

Account Director


Michael Mavian

Associate Creative Director


Kyosuke Nishida

Associate Creative Director

Jelle Maréchal

Associate Creative Director

Sebastián Rodríguez

Senior Designer

Steven McLellan

Senior Production Designer

Natasha Shadman

Design Strategist

Raymundo Pavan

Senior Spatial Designer

John Pichette

Senior Account Manager

Ivy Nkatha

Account Coordinator


Franzi Erlebach

Senior Designer

Veronica Consales

Spatial Designer

Victoria Suen

Spatial Designer

Karol Dybalski


Margot Fabre


Daphne Chan

Junior Design Strategist

Michelle Kuan


Laura Rojas


Sohee Yoo


Davis Scherer


Samantha Tam

Architectural Intern


Robyn Stoneman

HR Manager


Cassandra Van Wyck

Executive and Operations Assistant